Managing Director


The key to your success here will be the breadth of your vision. We are looking for a leader who can grasp the diversity of initiatives, see the potential in the borough and empower staff. It’s not simply about being visible.  It is about leading by example, setting the tempo and understanding what it takes to deliver a full range of services to wide range of residents and stakeholders.


You must have a proven track record of leadership, with evidence of having delivered complex, multi-disciplinary projects and engaged in successful commissioning partnerships. It is likely that your background will be in the public sector, or that you work in partnership with public bodies. Yet at the same time, you will arrive here with an appreciation of why this is a different context in which to operate.


Underpinning those leadership skills, you must also have formidable financial, people management and performance management skills.  You need to be politically aware, capable of responding quickly to different issues and planning effectively around unique events with the communication skills to set clear goals, inspire and empower others to deliver the quality of services that our borough needs.