About the Council


The Royal Borough has 57 Councillors, comprising:

50 Conservative

2 Old Windsor Residents’ Association

2 the Borough First

1 Independent

1 Liberal Democrat

1 vacancy (by-election 22 November 2018).


The Royal Borough is currently under a Conservative administration. Elections are held every four years. The next elections are scheduled for May 2019, after which the council will comprise 41 councillors, following an electoral review


Our Vision

Local councils must transform if they are to meet the modern needs of their residents in a radically different world of technological, social and economic change. Our borough has been embracing this opportunity to think in different ways and to drive better outcomes for our residents. Central to how we progress is our vision: ‘Building a borough for everyone – where residents and businesses grow, with opportunities for all.’


Our Priorities

Our priorities as a council represent what we need to do to achieve our vision. We are focused on six key areas where we feel we can make a real difference to the lives of our residents:  


Healthy, skilled and independent residents

From the best start in life through to ongoing support, training and learning opportunities, we want every resident to have opportunities to grow their skills and live better lives.


Safe and vibrant communities

We must have the capability to deliver services that can protect the young and vulnerable. We want to engage residents in their communities and give them a strong infrastructure for arts, culture and leisure activities.


Growing economy, affordable housing

We aim to encourage business growth, improve housing provision and improve our towns while valuing their local distinctiveness.


Attractive and well-connected borough

We want to strike the right balance between attractive spaces, sustainability and a high-quality transport infrastructure that keeps our residents connected.


An excellent customer experience

At every level of our council, we aim to communicate well and clearly, understanding what our customers need and using technology to improve access to services.


Well-managed resources delivering value for money

We will think commercially, maximise our resources and commission the services we need to meet residents’ needs.


Our Plans

As we explore new and innovative ways to work, we are becoming a council that commissions more services and is building stronger, lasting relationships with other service providers through partnerships, joint operating models and shared services. These relationships are an important part of our future, particularly in areas such as children’s services and adult social care.


We are also investing heavily in projects to develop our infrastructure over the next decade. With a £3 billion programme in place, we have plans to build more affordable housing, new leisure centres, parks and transport services.


Our Values and Culture

We aim to foster a culture where every Council employee feels empowered to achieve more in their role. Our values represent how we treat our customers – but also how we treat each other, work together and make change happen. Our values are:

- Commitment

- Respect and Value

- Engage

- Accountability

- Trust

- Empower and Inspire